There are differences between AmiBroker and Seetu...

  • Equity() not supported. (Obsolete in AmiBroker.)

  • Optimize() just returns its default value. No optimizations implemented.

  • Do not use the PositionSize varible.

  • Drawdowns are based on CLOSE prices in Seetu.

    AmiBroker help:

    Drawdown figures based on... Drawdown figures in the backtest report measure equity dip experienced during the trade(s). To calculate the dip you can use the worst case scenario: low price for long trades and high price for short trades or single price (open or close) for both long and short trades. "Drawdown figures based on..." setting (pic. 2) allows you to choose the price(s) used to calculate drowndowns. Using worst case scenario you will get a few percent bigger drawdowns than using close or open price. On the other hand Equity() function always uses shortprice/coverprice array so you may choose open or close field here to match drawdowns as observed in equity line.

  • ROC - absolute (absmode=TRUE) not implemented

  • Status() codes implemented:

    "action", "ActionEx", "rangefromdate", "rangetodate", "rangefromtime", "rangetotime", "buydelay", "selldelay", "shortdelay", "coverdelay", "firstbarintest", "lastbarintest"

  • EnableScript(...); does nothing. Embedded JacaScript code is skipped.

  • EncodeColor( colorIndex ) returns an empty string.

  • EnableTextOutput(enable) does nothing

  • LOCAL does nothing (GLOBAL works)

  • Constant assigned to variables always creates array. For example: A = 1; creates an array filled by the value 1. If you need a single number in A, you need to do this: AA = 1; A = AA[0]

  • Param* functions return array. Not a scalar number.

  • The Version function does nothing.

  • Plot styles: not all styles implemented yet.

  • && and || operators can't be used

  • It is not possible to declare a varibale "bbt" this way:

     Plot( bbt = BBandTop( P, Periods, Width ), "BBTop" );

    Such constructs are not supported.