C2TradingSignalCond — Prepare conditional trading signals


C2TradingSignalCond (ParentSignalType,
  SigFilter = NULL,
  Price = NULL,
  Amount = NULL,
  PriceType = priceMarket,
  Duration = tifDay,
  StopLoss = 0,
  ProfitTarget = 0,
  Delay = 0,
  UserSignaId = 0,
  OcaId = 0,
  CancelsAt = 0,
  CancelsAtRelative = 0,




Name Type Default Description
ParentSignalType number

sigBTO, sigSTC, sigSTO or sigBTC

SignalType number

sigBTO, sigSTC, sigSTO or sigBTC

SigFilter array NULL

if SigFilter == NULL then SigFilter = BarIndex() == LastValue[BarIndex()]

Price array_or_number NULL

if NULL then determined from SignalType: BuyPrice, SellPrice, ShortPrice or CoverPrice

Amount array_or_number NULL

if NULL then the same amount as it's parent signal

PriceType array_or_number priceMarket

priceMarket, priceLimit or priceStop

Duration array_or_number tifDay

tifDay or tifGTC

StopLoss array_or_number 0

Stop loss price

ProfitTarget array_or_number 0

Profit Target price

Delay array_or_number 0
UserSignaId array_or_number 0
OcaId array_or_number 0
CancelsAt array_or_number 0
CancelsAtRelative array_or_number 0
Comment string


This function prepares conditional trading signals.

Signals are visible on the Signals page then.

Conditional signals are generated for parent signals (generated by the C2TradingSignal function) and can be further filtered by SigFilter.