Trading system toolbox

Table of Contents

MessageIf — Triggers alert action (✗)
SetStopLoss — Apply built-in stop (±)
BarsSince — Bars since
Cross — Crossover check
EnableRotationalTrading — Turns on rotational-trading mode of the backtester (±)
Equity — Calculate single-symbol equity line (✗)
trimExcess — Remove excessive signals
trimExcessSpan — Remove excessive signals spanning given number of bars (✗)
FlipFlop — A flip/flop function (+)
GetBacktesterObject — Get the access to backtester object (✗)
GetOption — Gets a value of the option
GetTradingInterface — retrieves OLE automation object to automatic trading interface (✗)
ForceTrue — Hold the alert signal (✗)
IIf — Inline IF function
LastValue — Last value of the array
Optimize — Defines optimization process parameters (○)
OptimizerSetEngine — Select external optimization engine (✗)
OptimizerSetOption — Set the value of external optimizer engine parameter (✗)
Ref — Reference past/future values of the array
SetBacktestMode — Sets working mode of the backtester (±)
SetCustomBacktestProc — Define a custom backtest procedure formula file (±)
SetFormulaName — Set the name of the formula (✗)
SetOption — Sets a value of the option
SetPositionSize — Set trades sizes
SetTradeDelays — Sets trade delays for the backtester
ValueWhen — Get a value of the array when condition met