Table of Contents

DT — Convert string to datetime
GetBarIndex — Get zero-based bar number
GetBeginValue — Value of the array at the begin of the range
Date — Date (○)
GetDateNum — Date number
EpochTime — Retrieves encoded date time
DateTimeAdd — Adds specified number of seconds/minutes/hours/days to datetime
DateTimeConvert — Date/time format conversion
DateTimeDiff — Get difference in seconds between two datetime values
GetDay — Day of month
GetDayOfWeek — Day of week
GetDayOfYear — Get ordinal number of day in a year
GetDaysSince1900 — Get number of days since January 1st, 1900
GetEndValue — Value of the array at the end of the selected range
GetPlaybackDateTime — Get bar replay position date/time (✗)
GetHour — Get current bar's hour
GetInterval — Get bar interval (in seconds) (+)
FindBar — Search the array for bar with specified date/time (+)
GetMicroSec — Get bar's microsecond part of the timestamp (✗)
GetMilliSec — Get bar's millisecond part of the timestamp (✗)
GetMinute — Get current bar's minute
GetMonth — Month
Now — Gets current system date/time
GetSecond — Get current bar's second
GetTimeNum — Get current bar time
GetYear — Year