C2TradingSignal — Prepare trading signals


C2TradingSignal (SignalType,
  SigFilter = NULL,
  Price = NULL,
  Amount = NULL,
  PriceType = priceMarket,
  TypeOfSymbol = instrmntStock,
  Duration = tifDay,
  StopLoss = 0,
  ProfitTarget = 0,
  Delay = 0,
  Parkuntil = 0,
  UserSignaId = 0,
  OcaId = 0,
  ReversalOrder = 0,
  TargetTIF = tifDay,
  CancelsAt = 0,
  CancelsAtRelative = 0,




Name Type Default Description
SignalType number

sigBTO, sigSTC, sigSTO or sigBTC

SigFilter array NULL

if SigFilter == NULL then SigFilter = BarIndex() == LastValue[BarIndex()]

Price array_or_number NULL

if NULL then determined from SignalType: BuyPrice, SellPrice, ShortPrice or CoverPrice

Amount array_or_number NULL

if NULL then determined from SetPositionSize, which works with BuyPower instead of StartingCapital

PriceType array_or_number priceMarket

priceMarket, priceLimit or priceStop

TypeOfSymbol array_or_number instrmntStock

instrmntStock, instrmntForex, instrmntFuture or instrmntOption

Duration array_or_number tifDay

tifDay or tifGTC

StopLoss array_or_number 0

Stop loss price

ProfitTarget array_or_number 0

Profit Target price

Delay array_or_number 0
Parkuntil array_or_number 0
RelativePrice string
UserSignaId array_or_number 0
OcaId array_or_number 0
ReversalOrder array_or_number 0
TargetTIF array_or_number tifDay
CancelsAt array_or_number 0
CancelsAtRelative array_or_number 0
Comment string


This function prepares trading signals in Exploration.

Signals are visible on the Signals page then.

The C2TradingSignal command is based on Buy/Sell/Short/Cover variables content.

For example 'Sell To Open' signals are generated for those bars where the Short variable is TRUE.

If SigFilter = NULL then only signals for the last used Date bar are visible.

In other words: Signals defined by Buy/Sell/Short/Cover variables are further filtered by this SigFilter: SigFilter = BarIndex() == LastValue[BarIndex()].

If you want to see all generated 'Buy To Open' signals, set SigFilter = Buy.