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Strategy Activity Details for Lindex

Date Activity Strategy ID Strategy
2020-06-07 22:23:14 ET Create new strategy 129400749 Index Momentum
2020-06-07 23:10:46 ET Rename strategy 129400749 Index Momentum Rename from Index Momentum to SP500 Index Momentum
2020-06-08 09:06:24 ET Rename strategy 129400749 SP500 Index Momentum Rename from SP500 Index Momentum to SPX500 Momentum
2020-06-08 09:09:16 ET Rename strategy 129400749 SPX500 Momentum Rename from SPX500 Momentum to SPX Momentum
2020-06-09 10:56:08 ET Create new strategy 129436726 Mixed Index Momentum
2020-06-09 18:49:17 ET Rename strategy 129436726 Mixed Index Momentum Rename from Mixed Index Momentum to Multi Index Momentum
2020-06-09 19:13:57 ET Strategy archived and reset Log 129434748 Index 3
2020-06-14 16:22:02 ET Strategy archived and reset Log 129455876 NDX Momentum
2020-06-14 16:22:02 ET Create new strategy 129544933 NDX Momentum
2020-06-15 22:21:00 ET Rename strategy 129436726 Multi Index Momentum Rename from Multi Index Momentum to Index1
2020-06-15 22:23:03 ET Rename strategy 129400749 SPX Momentum Rename from SPX Momentum to Index2
2020-06-15 22:29:13 ET Rename strategy 129544933 NDX Momentum Rename from NDX Momentum to Index 3

Archived versions of "Index 3"

Started Archived
6/9/20 9:59 6/9/20 19:13 ET See archive
6/9/20 19:13 6/14/20 16:22 ET See archive
6/14/20 16:22 - See archive