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Limitations and Known Issues

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The following are the limitations and known issues in the current release of Collective2 Explorer .



  • Database time-out

    If a query asks for too much data and those data can't be obtained within 120 seconds from the Collective2 database, the query will end with the time-out error.

  • Query time-out

    A query must end within 150 seconds. If not, it is canceled and the time-out error is returned.


We are using a separate C2Explorer database for performance and security reasons.

This database is updated by the latest Collective2 data nightly (about 1:00 AM EST).

Known Issues


  • Numerical columns

    Values in numerical columns do not have the same number of decimal places sometimes. Such values are not right-aligned correctly.

  • Sorting when grouping

    Values in groups are not sorted correctly sometimes.