C2 Compatible: Using NinjaTrader with Collective2

C2Bridge is only for Futures, Forex, and Stocks at this time. Users cannot sync / trade options.

C2Bridge is special NinjaTrader 8 Add-On capable of reading any type of order from any version of NinjaTrader 8 and posting it automatically into a C2 trading strategy which you manage. C2Bridge requires at least version NT8 RC1.

Once you set up NinjaTrader 8, orders can be entered into your C2 system without logging into Collective2. In addition, you can use NinjaTrader's manual buy / sell order entry, or you can use NinjaTrader's automated strategies to enter new signals into C2.

How to get started



  • Open NinjaTrader 8 (if it's closed)
  • Go to Control Center / Tools / Import / NinjaScript
  • Import C2Bridge.zip from your Desktop (or wherever you put the file)
  • Exit and Restart NinjaTrader 8
Use NinjaTrader8 to send buy/sell signals to a C2 Trading Strategy you manage

How to connect NT8 and C2

  • Start NinjaTrader 8
  • Connect to a live datafeed
  • Go to Control Center / Tools / Collective2 Bridge
  • The C2Bridge form will appear
  • Select your NinjaTrader 8 Account to sync
  • Select your NinjaTrader 8 Strategy to sync
  • Fill your C2 Account API Key
  • Fill your C2 Strategy ID number
  • Click on Connect button
  • Click OK

Short video showing how to setup NinjaTrader8 / C2Bridge. You'll be able to send buy/sell signals direct from your NinjaTrader8 to your Collective2 trading strategy.