C2 Compatible: Using NinjaTrader with Collective2

We're proud to announce the new NinjaTrader-C2 Bridge.

C2 Bridge is designed to replace NinjaTrader's built-in C2 interface, which is described below.

Why C2 Bridge?

Simply stated, C2 Bridge is great.

C2 Bridge is a commercial software product, designed with the participation of Collective2, and meeting Collective2's software standards.

No matter what kind of NinjaTrader you use, and no matter how you generate your buys and sells through NinjaTrader (charting? scripting? DOM?), C2 Bridge makes sure that your C2 trading strategy stays in sync with your NinjaTrader.

C2 Bridge is currently undergoing a public beta test. During this time, it is completely free to use.

Learn more about the new C2 Bridge

If you do not want to use the new free C2 Bridge, click to see text below...

Standard NinjaTrader/Collective2 Interface


If you run a trading system on Collective2, you can use Collective2's Web order entry screen to type in new trading signals. But some customers prefer to use NinjaTrader to enter trades into Collective2. Once you set up NinjaTrader, orders can be entered into your C2 system without your needing to log in to Collective2 Web site. In addition, you can use NinjaTrader's manual buy / sell order entry, or you can use NinjaTrader's automated strategies to enter new signals into C2.

It's free. (Until...)

NinjaTrader allows you to download a free trial version of its program. NinjaTrader has asked us to enforce the following policy: you can use the free version of NinjaTrader until your trading system on C2 has subscribers. After you have subscribers, either paying or non-paying, NinjaTrader will require that you pay for NinjaTrader. C2 will not accept NinjaTrader-generated trade signals from an unlicensed NinjaTrader for any system that has subscribers. Please note that you will need to use the Multi-Broker Version of NinjaTrader to support Collective2 trade entry.


Download NinjaTrader

You can download NinjaTrader here.

Setup your NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader provides detailed setup instructions, so we will merely summarize the key points below:


Before you start...

You will need to know your Collective2 system id. To find out your system's id, log in to C2, and go to your system details page (press the near your system). You'll see something like this:

The picture below is only an example, of course. Your system id will be different.


Also, you will need to set up a NinjaTrader compatible real-time quote provider in order to use NinjaTrader with Collective2. The simulated/demo quotes will not work. 

How to Setup NinjaTrader for use with Collective2 (C2)

Once you know your system id, you are ready to set up NinjaTrader. Download the program, double-click to run:

  • From the NinjaTrader Control Center window, select the menu Tools > Options to bring up the "Options" dialog window


  • Within the "Options" dialog, select the "Misc" tab and press the "Account Groups" button to bring up the "Account Groups" dialog window


  • You will need to name an "Account Group" using a very strict naming convention. The naming format is:  C2;systemid;yourC2password;QuantityMultiplier

Example: Your C2 system id is 1234567. Your password, needed to login to C2, is lovebabylove. For every trade you place using NinjaTrader, you want twice as big a quantity to be placed in your C2 system. So, your Account Group Name would be: C2;1234567;lovebabylove;2



  • Using the naming convention explained in the last step, type in the Account Group name.

  • Assign an account(s) from the list of available accounts. You can always use a "Sim101" - i.e. the Simulation account - until you set up a broker or quote feed.

  • Press the "Save" button to save the Account Group

  • Press the "Close" button to close the "Account Groups" dialog window