C2 Compatible: Using NinjaTrader with Collective2

C2 offers two add-on products that allow you to use NinjaTrader to manage your own strategies on Collective2.

Both applications are designed to replace NinjaTrader's built-in C2 interface. Both products allow you to manage your Collective2 strategy using the NinjaTrader desktop application you are familiar with. Both products are commercial software products, crafted with love, and with the participation of Collective2; and meeting Collective2's software standards.

Which C2/NinjaTrader solution is right for you?



Features C2Bridge developed to keep synced all orders created by NinjaTrader (Sim or Live account) into C2. AlgoTraderC2 works only with C2 server without creating any orders in NT.
C2Bridge reads NinjaTrader orders created by any module (ChartTrader, DOM, Strategy). AlgoTraderC2 is for discretionary Chart Traders who want to send and manage signals to C2 using NinjaTrader's advanced charting features.
C2Bridge does not "visualize" C2 orders, and doesn't offer direct C2 order management. AlgoTraderC2 is like an advanced desktop application version of C2's web-based Order Entry screen. It uses NinjaTrader's charting power to create, manage and visualize C2 orders.
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Price $199 for six month license $199 for six month license
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