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Charles Tines

Charles Tines



Profile Type: Trading Strategy Developer
C2 Member since: 2017-05-24
Location: USA
Occupation: Engineering
Online Status:
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Created a trading strategy
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Years trading: +10
What I trade: Stocks, Leveraged ETFs, Options
About: When I first started C2 in 2017, I was eager and created a new strategy every time I had a new trade style to try or wanted to get that perfect start. I have come to the obvious conclusion that doing so isn’t productive or cheap.

Now, I try to not think so much about what trade style would get me more subscribers. Instead, I am focusing on what works for my risk profile and my money. I want to have more income from subscribers, but that can’t be the primary focus.

I will make changes to my trading style and allocations overtime, and I can’t promise everything new or old will perform perfectly. However, I am willing to take the risks with my money at some scale.

Most of my trading is based on backtesting or fundamental analysis and can use leveraged products, which is risky. If my strategies feel to risky too you, I recommend not subscribing or subscribing at a small enough scale so that it is comfortable to you.



How'd I Do
How'd I Do
Strategy Name Age Max Dd Win % W:L $ Sharpe Return
How'd I Do
4.48 1.27 30.77 0.062 -1.3%
and 15 more

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