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Created by: John-Duarte John-Duarte
Started: 01/2019
Last trade: Yesterday
Trading style: Equity Trend-following

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Trading Category: Equity
Category: Equity


Tries to take advantage of long, medium or short-term moves that seem to play out in various markets. Typically, trend-following analysis is backward looking; that is, it attempts to recognize and profit from already-established trends.
Cumul. Return

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Max Drawdown
Num Trades
Win Trades
126.3 : 1
Profit Factor
Win Months
Hypothetical Monthly Returns (includes system fee and Typical Broker commissions and fees)
2019+16.0%+4.2%+2.6%                                                      +24.0%

Model Account Details

A trading strategy on Collective2. Follow it in your broker account, or use a free simulated trading account.

Advanced users may want to use this information to adjust their AutoTrade scaling, or merely to understand the magnitudes of the nearby chart.

Trading Record

This strategy has placed 32 trades in real-life brokerage accounts.

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Opened Date/TimeSymbolDescriptionSideQtyAvg PriceClosed Date/TimeAvg PriceDrawdownP/L
3/12/19 9:35 NUGT DIREXION DAILY GOLD MINERS BUL LONG 100 19.99 3/18 9:30 19.89 0.55%
Trade id #122876928
Max drawdown($67)
Time3/15/19 14:38
Quant open100
Worst price19.31
Drawdown as % of equity-0.55%
Includes Typical Broker Commissions trade costs of $2.00
3/8/19 15:26 URTY PROSHARES ULTRAPRO RUSSELL2000 LONG 30 69.32 3/18 9:30 74.86 0.02%
Trade id #122841112
Max drawdown($2)
Time3/8/19 15:31
Quant open30
Worst price69.22
Drawdown as % of equity-0.02%
Includes Typical Broker Commissions trade costs of $0.60
1/30/19 9:30 HMY HARMONY GOLD MINING CO. LONG 250 1.96 2/25 12:39 2.07 0.17%
Trade id #122265227
Max drawdown($20)
Time2/15/19 10:53
Quant open250
Worst price1.88
Drawdown as % of equity-0.17%
Includes Typical Broker Commissions trade costs of $5.00
1/15/19 9:44 NUGT DIREXION DAILY GOLD MINERS BUL LONG 325 17.11 2/25 12:39 20.49 4.77%
Trade id #121978303
Max drawdown($478)
Time1/22/19 10:26
Quant open300
Worst price15.24
Drawdown as % of equity-4.77%
Includes Typical Broker Commissions trade costs of $6.50
1/30/19 12:13 TQQQ PROSHARES ULTRAPRO QQQ LONG 60 46.45 2/25 12:38 51.64 0%
Trade id #122271804
Max drawdown($0)
Time1/30/19 14:01
Quant open15
Worst price43.74
Drawdown as % of equity-0.00%
Includes Typical Broker Commissions trade costs of $1.20
1/30/19 12:12 URTY PROSHARES ULTRAPRO RUSSELL2000 LONG 40 67.06 2/25 12:38 81.02 0.04%
Trade id #122271762
Max drawdown($4)
Time1/30/19 13:24
Quant open10
Worst price64.40
Drawdown as % of equity-0.04%
Includes Typical Broker Commissions trade costs of $0.80
1/29/19 11:42 WTIU UBS ETRACS PROSHARES DAILY 3X LONG CRUDE ETN LONG 130 13.86 2/25 12:38 13.82 2.79%
Trade id #122246043
Max drawdown($312)
Time2/11/19 11:21
Quant open130
Worst price11.45
Drawdown as % of equity-2.79%
Includes Typical Broker Commissions trade costs of $2.60
1/24/19 10:28 TQQQ PROSHARES ULTRAPRO QQQ LONG 20 43.30 1/28 9:30 43.01 0.19%
Trade id #122157186
Max drawdown($19)
Time1/24/19 11:21
Quant open20
Worst price42.34
Drawdown as % of equity-0.19%
Includes Typical Broker Commissions trade costs of $0.40
1/15/19 9:42 URTY PROSHARES ULTRAPRO RUSSELL2000 LONG 80 60.09 1/28 9:30 63.37 0.58%
Trade id #121978188
Max drawdown($58)
Time1/15/19 10:23
Quant open60
Worst price58.80
Drawdown as % of equity-0.58%
Includes Typical Broker Commissions trade costs of $1.60


  • Strategy began
  • Suggested Minimum Cap
  • Strategy Age (days)
  • Age
    73 days ago
  • What it trades
  • # Trades
  • # Profitable
  • % Profitable
  • Avg trade duration
    18.1 days
  • Max peak-to-valley drawdown
  • drawdown period
    Jan 31, 2019 - Feb 08, 2019
  • Cumul. Return
  • Avg win
  • Avg loss
  • Model Account Values (Raw)
  • Cash
  • Margin Used
  • Buying Power
  • Ratios
  • W:L ratio
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Sortino Ratio
  • Calmar Ratio
  • Correlation to SP500
  • Return Statistics
  • Ann Return (w trading costs)
  • Ann Return (Compnd, No Fees)
  • Risk of Ruin (Monte-Carlo)
  • Chance of 10% account loss
  • Chance of 20% account loss
  • Chance of 30% account loss
  • Chance of 40% account loss
  • Chance of 50% account loss
  • Popularity
  • Popularity (Today)
  • Popularity (Last 6 weeks)
  • C2 Score
  • Trades-Own-System Certification
  • Trades Own System?
  • TOS percent
  • Subscription Price
  • Billing Period (days)
  • Trial Days
  • Win / Loss
  • Avg Win
  • Avg Loss
  • # Winners
  • # Losers
  • % Winners
  • Frequency
  • Avg Position Time (mins)
  • Avg Position Time (hrs)
  • Avg Trade Length
    18.0 days
  • Last Trade Ago
  • Analysis based on DAILY values, full history
  • Ratio statistics of excess return rates
  • Statistics related to linear regression on benchmark
  • a (intercept, estimate of alpha)

Strategy Description

Welcome to my strategy, investor or trader.
My goal is to try to answer this question "What is the market doing?”, and act appropriately. I am talking about a trend-following methodology.
This approach is not perfect, but it is rational because it respond to what prices are doing, not what we think they ought to be doing, and can be used in both the bear and the bull market. Generally, I use inverse/short ETFs in a bear market.
To do this, I analyze and evaluate different things before making the decision, for example market trend indicators, economic indicators, sentiment surveys and seasonal patterns.
About time duration I look at different time frames, small, medium and large, because each one depends on the other.
In 75% of the time, I remain calm and follow the bigger trend off the larger time frame.
About markets I invest in stock market and commodity market.
There is also a second goal, which is getting the maximum return on investment with the lowest possible maximum drawdown.
To do this, I don't use margin and try to avoid taking large positions most of the time, and sometimes I use stop loss orders.
Of course these are goals only. No performance can be guaranteed.
Generally, these are intermediate-term investments (weeks to months), but I also can do short-term trades, depending on market conditions.
Good luck and good trading!

I show you the result of my previous strategy: https://collective2.com/details/100120309
I try now the same good result but with the maximum drawdown lower.

Summary Statistics

Strategy began
Suggested Minimum Capital
# Trades
# Profitable
% Profitable
Correlation S&P500
Sharpe Ratio

Latest Activity

subscribed on started simulation #SUBSCRIBEDDATE#

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