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c2ex_publicsystems Properties

The c2ex_publicsystems type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdded
When the trading system was started.
Public propertyAvgLoss
Average loss.
Public propertyAvgWin
Average win.
Public propertyCash
Current cash.
Public propertyClosedPL
Currently closed profit.
Public propertyDollarLoss
Loss of losers.
Public propertyDollarWin
Profit of winners.
Public propertyMarginUsed
Used margin.
Public propertyMonthlyFee
Subscription fees.
Public propertyNumLoss
Number of losing trades.
Public propertyNumTrades
Number of trades.
Public propertyNumWins
Number of winning trades.
Public propertyOpenEquity
Current equity value.
Public propertyOpenPositionsPL
Open positions value.
Public propertyStarted
When the trading system was started.
Public propertyStartingCash
Starting capital.
Public propertySystemId
Collective2 trading system ID.
Public propertySystemName
System name.
Public propertyTradeFreq
Trading frequency.
Public propertyTrialDays
Number of trial days.
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