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What is a Featured Strategy?

Trade Leaders who want to increase awareness of their trading strategy can pay a small sponsorship fee to appear as Featured Strategy on our Leaderboard.

We display a different Featured Strategy on two prime spots on Collective2:

  • Each time the Leaderboard is visited, at the top of the list, while the Popular (All Instruments) filter is selected.
  • At the left sidebar, on desktop devices, rotating with other Collective2 related ads.

We insure all Featured Strategies receive equal number of views across individual C2 users.

Currently you don't have any C2 Trading Strategies eligible for Featured Status.

In order to maintain the quality of the Collective2 site, a strategy must meet minimum standards to be eligible to appear in the Featured Trading Strategy area.

  • It must have recommended at least five trades
  • The strategy cannot have been created on Collective2 within the last 36 hours
  • The strategy must be profitable to date