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Automatically have Collective2 trades placed in your real-life brokerage account!

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Learn about Collective2 AutoTrading

What is AutoTrading?

AutoTrading lets you choose any system on this Web site and have its trades placed automatically in your real-life brokerage account.

AutoTrade features include:

  • You control trade size. Set a maximum number of contracts, or maximum dollar value for stocks.
  • Trade multiple systems at once. You can AutoTrade as many trading systems as you like in one brokerage account -- even if the systems trade the same things, and even if the systems trade in opposite directions!
  • Trade anything. AutoTrade supports stocks, options, futures, and forex.
  • Monitor trades, positions, and profit-and-loss in real time. You can log in to this Web site and see all your trading status on one screen.
  • Intervene whenever you want. You can close positions early to take a profit, or to stop a loss. See a trade you like? Increase its size. (Or decrease the size of trades you don't like.)*
  • AutoSync technology keeps your account "synced up." If you've been around computers and the Internet for any length of time, you know that "bad stuff happens." Brokers' servers go down. They come back up. Internet connections fail. They get restored. We aren't surprised by "bad stuff"; we expect it. And we've designed AutoTrade to overcome it. Our advanced AutoSync technology is constantly monitoring your real-life brokerage account, and comparing it to what you should have in the account, based on your instructions and the trading system's trade record. We will adjust your account automatically to make sure you stay in sync with your chosen systems. Which means that even if something unexpected happens, you can expect that AutoSync will take care of you.

You - and you alone - control how large or small to make the trades.

See up-to-the-second results for all your trading on one screen.

Sure, it's called "AutoTrade," but you're in control. Take profits early; add stop losses. Shut down trading at the click of a mouse. Or, relax and let the system manage itself.

  • Automatic Stop Losses. Our powerful Gen3 AutoTrade technology introduces a new feature: Automatic Stop Losses.** If you choose to use the optional feature, our servers will automatically place a stop loss order for each position opened by your trading system, at whatever dollar amount you specify.* This happens regardless of whether the trading-system uses its own stop losses.

Place automatic stop losses for each position, at a dollar value you choose.**

* Gen3 AutoTrade Technology only. Important information about "stop losses": Remember that stop losses may not limit your losses in all market conditions.
** Important information about "stop losses": Remember that stop losses may not limit your losses in all market conditions.

Which systems can you AutoTrade?

You can AutoTrade any system you see on this Web site.

Which brokers can I use?

A growing number of brokers are Collective2-compatible. The broker you choose will obviously depend on the kinds of things you want to trade. (Some brokers allow the trading of stocks, for example; and some brokers allow the trading of futures. Some brokers allow both.) Before deciding which broker to use, you'll probably first want to select the trading system (or systems) that interest you. Next to each system listed on this Web site, you'll see whether it trades stocks, options, futures, or forex.

In addition, we are compatible with MetaTrader4 brokers. Your broker must agree to participate in our AutoTrade program. There is no cost to brokers to participate. If you use MT4 and you want us to contact your broker on your behalf, let us know.

Collective2 Compatible Brokers

Use the table below to determine which broker to use.

BrokerForexFuturesStocksOptionsGen3 Technology?*
Daniels Trading
Experia / TradersHQ
Gain Capital
Interactive Brokers see below
MB Trading
(no naked selling)
Optimus Trading
Vision Financial
CTS Platform (any broker)†††
ZenFire Platform (any broker)†††
* Gen3 Tehnology? indicates whether broker supports our advanced Gen3 AutoTrading technology. Gen3 Technology means you don't have to run any software on your own computer. You just type in your broker account number, and the trades begin happening automatically - even if your computer is turned off. In addition, Gen3 Technology supports advanced features such as dynamic position management and manual adjustments, AutoSync, and others.
CFD AutoTrading. Non-USA accounts only. Your FXCM account must be enabled for CFDs. FXCM supports a limited set of futures CFDs. Our AutoTrade technology will automatically convert futures buy/sell signals generated by futures trading systems into the correct CFD symbol.
^ MB Trading Forex. For MB Trading, Meta Trader / Free EXN plan is not compatible with C2. You must select the "pay for limits" plan in order to begin AutoTrading.
Interactive Brokers. USA Customers who want to use Gen3 AutoTrade technology can trade futures only. If you are a USA customer and want to trade other instrument classes, you can use Gen1 AutoTrade technology to trade stocks, futures, and forex through Interactive Brokers. Non-USA customers can use Gen3 technology to trade stocks, options, and futures through Interactive Brokers.
††† CTS and ZenFire Platforms. These are software platforms used by a number of futures brokers. If your broker supports either of these platforms, then your account is compatible with C2 AutoTrading. We'll need to communicate with your broker and get their approval in order to enable your account. Want us to reach out to your broker on your behalf? Let us know.

Gen3 AutoTrade Fees and Costs

Depending on the broker and instrument, there may be a per-trade fee (for futures and forex), or a monthly platform fee (for stocks and options). If you prefer to use Gen1 AutoTrading, you'll need to run a C2-compatible Gen1 AutoTrading software package on your own computer and pay a monthly fee to that independent software developer.

  Broker Commiss.AutoTrade Fee Broker Commiss.AutoTrade Fee Broker Commiss.Autotrade License Broker Commiss.Autotrade License
MB Trading 0*$1 /minilot** varies$1.99 /contract $0.01 /share
($1 min per order)#
No per-trade fee;
flat $99 /mo
$0.95 /contractStocks and/or Options: flat $99 /mo
OpenECry 0*$1 /minilot** varies$1.99 /contract
Daniels Trading varies$1.99 /contract
Dorman varies$1.99 /contract
FXCM 0*$1 /minilot** CFDs - non-USA accounts only - cost varies by contract
Gain Capital 0*$1 /minilot**
Interactive Brokers (Gen3) varies$1.99 /contract Available only to non-USA via partner brokers
$0.005 /share
($1 min per order)#
No per-trade fee;
flat $99 /mo
Available only outside USA
Broker Commission: varies
C2 Cost: Single Gen3 software license allows unlimited stock and option trades
Striker varies$1.99 /contract
tradeMONSTER $5.00 per tradeNo per-trade fee;
flat $99 /mo
$0.85 /contract;
no min
Stocks and/or Options: flat $99 /mo
Vision Financial Markets varies##$1.99 /contract $0.01 per share ($2.50 minimum per order)No per-trade fee;
flat $99 /mo
Gen1 Only: TradeBullet $50 / month
to software developer ATResearch
Gen1 Only: Trader68 Standard: $99 /quartr, Pro: $199 /quartr
to software developer NeuroDimensions
* For forex brokers with a commission of "0" for forex trades, broker is compensated from the spread between the bid and ask price.
** "minilot" means fee is assessed per 10,000 currency units traded per round-turn, where "round-turn" means fee isn't charged until the position is both opened and then closed.
# To receive special $0.01 per share with $1 minimum per order, you must ask MB Trading for special "Collective2 Commissions" when establishing AutoTrading.
## For Vision Financial Markets: For futures, there is a $0.30 routing fee per contract, per side.
### Plus pass-through fees, if applicable.

What if my broker isn't listed above?

Two possibilities. The first is that you can just wait. Your broker may be added soon. We're in discussions with a number of brokerage firms. But it can't hurt if you send a polite note to your broker suggesting how great it would be for their customers if they became Collective2-Compatible, too. The second possibility is that you simply open an account at one of the firms listed above. Nowadays, most firms have made the process of account-opening quick and easy.

If you are interested in forex AutoTrading, and you have a MetaTrader4 account, then you can use Collective2 AutoTrade - but first your broker must sign our MT4 Agreement. There is no cost for a broker to do this. If you use MT4 and you want us to contact your broker on your behalf, let us know.

How much does AutoTrading cost?

It depends on the broker and technology you choose. If you choose a broker that still uses Gen1 technology, you won't pay anything extra, except for your typical commission and the cost of any software you want to use. But you won't have any of the nifty Gen3 features such as AutoSync, or the ability to manually adjust positions and trades, or the ability to monitor real-time positions and P/L reports here on this Web site. If you choose a Gen3 broker, the broker may charge a small execution fee for futures or forex trades. Typically that fee is $1.99 for futures contracts, and $1 for forex minilots. Some brokers offer stock and option trading for free, if monthly trading volume minimums are met; otherwise there may be a monthly platform fee for AutoTrading stocks and options.

How do I start AutoTrading?

If you can press a button, you can set up AutoTrading. Just surf around this Web site. When you find a system you like, press the AutoTrade button, like this:

Press AutoTrade

If you can press a button, you can set up AutoTrading. Our Setup Wizard will walk you through the process, including selecting a broker, setting trade sizes, entering your account information, etc.

You will be walked through the setup process by an AutoTrade Setup Wizard. The Wizard will list the brokers that are compatible with the system you trade. It will let you type in an account number (if you already have an account) or will provide a link through which you can open a Collective2-Compatible AutoTrade account.

Let us show you a video

Are you curious about Collective2 AutoTrading? Want to see how simple it is to turn on AutoTrading? Watch the video.