C2 Compatible Software and Services

We encourage independent software developers to offer and services built on top of the C2 Platform. The following software is C2 Compatible. These programs have been created by independent software vendors not affiliated with Collective2 LLC.

AutoTrade Software

The following programs are compatible with C2's Gen1 AutoTrade technology. These programs allow you to subscribe to a C2 trading system and have the trades placed in your brokerage account. Gen1 technology requires that you to run a software program on your computer while trading, and it is compatible with some brokers that are not available elsewhere.

If you're interested in AutoTrading without running any software on your computer, you may want to use Gen3 AutoTrading, which is compatible with many brokers.

C2 Signal Generation

The following programs are useful to people who have created their own trading system on Collective2. You can use one of these C2 compatible programs to generate signals and have them piped automatically into your C2 system.

Trading-Decision Support

The following programs support traders in making buy/sell/hold decisions. They are Collective2-compatible and automatically publish trade signals into a Collective2 system that you run, which you can then offer to subscribers.

Investox: Charting & Backtesting for German customers

For German traders:

Investox is a platform for analysis, charting, development, and backtesting of trading strategies. Connection to TWS and sino MX-PRO for automated ordering of strategy signals, signal lines, or discretionary trading. Many predefined stops. Strategies may be fine-tuned for each individual instrument, or for portfolios assisted by Generic Algorithms or by manual input. Investox offers more than 200 indicators, including custom indicators, Neural Networks as "super-indicators," chart patterns analysis, Value area, and Volume histograms. Tests for robustness of strategies. Works with data from TWS, Tai-Pan, sino, .bis, MetaStock, Morningstar, ASCII, Reuters, Bloomberg, and others. Since 1999. For German reading users. Learn more at the Investox Web site.

Germany Investox vereint mehrere leistungsfaehige Instrumente zur Analyse und Prognose. Es optimiert und bewertet fuer Sie Handelssysteme, testet automatisch unzaehlige Moeglichkeiten aus und gibt aktuelle Kauf- und Verkaufssignale. Die Signale lassen sich nicht nur automatisiert an Broker uebermitteln. Mit der Schnittstelle zu Collective2 koennen Sie jetzt auch Ihre Handelssignale fuer Ihre Kunden veroeffentlichen. Investox bietet Genetische Algorithmen, um optimale Einstellungen zu finden. Mit ueber 200 vorgefertigten Indikatoren, eigenen Indikatoren (auch VBScript) und Neuronalen Netzen als "Super-Indikatoren" haben Sie unendliche Moeglichkeiten der Analyse. Renko, Point & Figure, Multitick, Spannenchart und mehr auch fuer die Handelssystementwicklung und -bewertung und fuer Signale. Markttiefe und Histogramme auswerten lassen. Arbeitet mit Daten der wichtigsten Anbieter wie Tai-Pan, sino, .bis, MetaStock, TWS, Morningstar, ASCII, Reuters, Bloomberg uvm. Seit 1999. Deutsche Programmoberflaeche. Infos, Demos, Videos unter www.investox.de

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