Earn the Trades-Own-System (TOS) Badge

Collective2 makes a special effort to promote trading systems which are AutoTraded by their own manager. We call this the TOS Program. We want you to join.

Benefits of participating

  • Strong promotion. Collective2 will heavily promote your system if it participates in the Trades-Own-System (TOS) Program.
  • Earn subscriber trust. Very simply, subscribers trust systems with managers willing to AutoTrade their own system.

Requirements for participating

The requirements for the TOS Program are as follows:

  • You must AutoTrade your own system in a live (not demo) Gen3 AutoTrade account.
  • You agree to allow Collective2 to publish the scaling percentage at which you trade your own system.
  • You cannot separately implement stop losses solely for your own account which are not part of your system (i.e. no "personal" stop losses; but of course stop-losses that are part of your system, and which all subscribers receive, are perfectly fine.)
  • Your AutoTrade settings must be such that you "take" approximately 90% of all trades (the exact percent varies by system age). If you set trade maximums or your account does not mirror your system for 90% of signals, your system will no longer earn TOS status.
  • You agree Collective2 may reveal which broker you use, and may publish your fills and trading results for the participating system. No other trading results will be shared. No account number will be shared.

Compatible Brokers

You need to have a brokerage account at a participating broker. Check the table below to see which brokers are participating in the TOS program. If you don't yet have an account, our Customer Service Team can answer questions about opening an account.

Compatible Broker Forex Futures Stocks Options
Interactive Brokers (Direct Connection) Open Account
BeTrader (Interactive Brokers) Open Account
Gain Capital (Forex, Gen3) Open Account
Interactive Brokers (qserver, stock CFDs) Open Account
Interactive Brokers (stock CFDs) Open Account
Quantum Open Account
Capital 19 Open Account
FXCM (Australia/New Zealand/China) Open Account
FXCM (UK and others) Open Account
FXCM (USA) Open Account
AGM Technology Open Account
AGM Technology (stock CFDs) Open Account
AMP Clearing (CQG) Open Account
AMP Clearing (Rithmic) Open Account
Daniels Trading (Forex) Open Account
Daniels Trading (OEC) Open Account
DAW Trading (Dorman / CQG) Open Account
DAW Trading (Dorman / Rithmic) Open Account
Dorman - CQG (Futures) Open Account
Dorman Trading (CTS) Open Account
Dorman Trading - Rithmic Open Account
Experia Open Account
Gain Capital (Forex) Open Account
Gain Capital (Futures) Open Account
Gain Capital (Futures, Gen3) Open Account
Halifax Open Account
High Ridge Futures - CGQ (Futures) Open Account
High Ridge Futures - CTS (Futures) Open Account
High Ridge Futures - Rithmic (ADM) Open Account
MBTrading (Futures) Open Account
MBTrading (Stocks, Options) Open Account
MBTrading USA (Forex) Open Account
NinjaTrader Broker (CQG/Dorman) Open Account
NinjaTrader Brokerage (CQG/Phillip Capital) Open Account
NinjaTrader Brokerage (CTS/Dorman) Open Account
NinjaTrader Brokerage (Rithmic/Dorman) Open Account
Optimus Futures (ADM/Rithmic) Open Account
Phillip Capital (CQG) Open Account
QCP Partners (Interactive Brokers) Open Account
The Fox Group (Gain Capital) Open Account

Questions? Feedback?

Have questions? Be sure to let us know.

Program Rules

The TOS Certification Program is new. Therefore, we reserve the right to change program rules at any time.

Already have your broker account?

If you already have an account at a compatible broker listed above, and if you are already managing your own Collective2 trading system, you can sign up for the program immediately.

First you need to sign in to your Collective2 account.