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Hey, why no phone number?

Here's the good news: We're a small, scrappy company, eager to build awesome technology that helps you analyze and create trading systems, and automate the trading of these systems.

Here's the bad news: in order to do this, we need to devote nearly all our time to software engineering, and little time to phone support.

In fact, while other companies won't come right out and say it (instead they hide their phone numbers in obscure areas of their Web site), we will state a bald business fact: providing telephone support is not economically viable. Providing lots of phone support would very simply drive us out of business.

Now, please don't get us wrong. We love talking to customers. Really, we do. It's just that 95% of customer questions can be answered efficiently and easily by email.

Also, did you know we have a very helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page which might contain the answer to your questions? Can we therefore please ask you to glance at the appropriate FAQ first, before anything else?

Frequent Questions from Trading System Creators

Frequent Questions from Trading System Subscribers

If the preceding FAQs don't answer your questions, dash us off an email and we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

And of course, if a phone call is needed, we'll schedule one with you and make sure your question gets answered.