Privately-brand Collective2 for your own business

If you are broker, CTA, or signal provider, you can privately-brand C2 for your own use.


Alternative to private-branding

Not ready to build a completely new non-C2 Web site? Don't currently have 50 subscribers to your own web site?

Learn about our Affiliate Program. It's free to get started, and you earn 1/3 of our fees when you bring new customers to your affiliate site.

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Customize the look of your web site

Some examples of Web sites powered by Collective2 technology: uses Collective2 technology, but has customized the look-and-feel of their site. They offer their own trading strategies for one all-inclusive monthly price, which includes the ability to AutoTrade the strategies at a compatible broker. uses Collective2 technology to power their trading education site. Main Street Alpha also offers their strategies on the main Collective2 site.

How we work together

Learn more about how C2 Private Branding can help grow your business. Click on the section that describes your business:

Let your customers trade any strategy in our library... but only at your broker. All other references to brokers are removed.

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