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For Trade Leaders (strategy developers)...

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You can create a trading strategy for free. Use this period to try our features. Enter up to five buys or sells ("signals"). If you like us (we're sure you will) then we ask you to pay a semi-annual listing fee to maintain your strategy on our site:

$120 every six months
$105 for any strategy added within one month of first
Ask about discount for ten or more strategies

Collect subscription fees from subscribers

We charge a flat 30% fee for any subscriptions you collect through Collective2. This includes credit card costs - there are no additional regular charges.

For Trade Followers (strategy subscribers)...

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Every strategy developer decides his own price. Most strategies offer free trials.

AutoTrade a strategy

AutoTrading using our Simulated Brokerage Account is completely free of any AutoTrading fees or brokerage commissions! (Great for learning about AutoTrading.)

Simulated Broker


What about live trading? The cost of "real-money" AutoTrading depends on the broker you select. You'll pay your regular broker commissions, plus:

"C2 Preferred" Broker

These are brokers that offer potentially the lowest cost for active traders. There is flat $99 / month AutoTrading fee, no matter how many strategies you follow, no matter how often you trade, no matter how large the trades, no matter which instruments you choose.

Other brokers

In addition to regular broker commissions, we charge a small autotrade fee per trade for most instruments.

$0.50 per 10,000
$1.99 per contract bought or sold
Stocks & Options
$99 / month

See the list of all C2-compatible brokers