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About Collective2

How to use Collective2

Collective2 lets you choose from a library of trading systems, and then lets you automatically trade those systems in your brokerage account.

Step 1: Find a system

Use System Finder...

Start with our System Finder, which lets you choose systems with a simple point-and-click interface.


System Finder lets you find systems with a simple point-and-click interface.

...or use The Grid

The Grid lets you scan for systems using mathematical parameters. Want to see all the systems that trade stocks, have a 70% winning trade percentage, and have returned >+3.5% in the last 90 days? The Grid is for you, Quant Boy.

The Grid

The Grid lets you search for systems using the statistics and numbers you care about.

Step 2: Check out the details

Once you've found a system that interests you, click on it to see all the details.

a Collective2 System Details page

How has the system performed, month by month?

Zoom into the equity chart.

Examine the historical record, trade by trade.

What do other people who trade the system say?

Step 3: Subscribe

Once you've examined the system and decided you like it, you're ready to subscribe. "Subscribing" is like subscribing to a newsletter.

Each subscription costs a small amount of money each month. The price varies, and is determined by the system creator. We make it easy to cancel with just one click, at any time, no questions asked.

Subscribing means clicking a button

Subscribing is as easy as clicking a button. Even more important: unsubscribing is just as easy.

Step 4: Turn on AutoTrade

Specify broker and account

Now the magic starts. First tell us which broker you use. A growing number of stock, option, futures, and forex brokers are Collective2 compatible.

Choose from a growing number of Collective2-compatible brokers

Turn on AutoTrading to have trades placed automatically in your brokerage account. No software to run on your computer.

Tell us the trade sizes you want

Next tell us how big or small to make the trades in your account. Our advice: start small. You can always increase your quantities as you grow more comfortable with AutoTrading.

Specify the size of the trades you want to place

You - and only you - control how big or small to make the trades.

Ta da! That's it. You'll start to see new trades placed in your brokerage account automatically, as soon as the next trade is issued.

Step 5: Trade automatically... or "interfere"

Sure, the beauty of Autotrading is that you can let your systems do all the work. But that doesn't mean you are out of control.

Collective2 lets you stay in the loop, and in control. Watch the trades being placed, as they happen. Examine your open positions, and profit-and-loss, in real time, on this web site.

Open Positions

See all open positions grouped by trading system, in one, easy-to-read screen.

Get up-to-the-second profit and loss reports for all of the trading systems you are using.

AutoTrading Results

P/L reports are available on this web site, at the click of a mouse.

You can override the trading system at any time. For example, if a trade is in profit, and you want to close it to lock in the gain, go ahead and do that.

Or, if you see a losing trade that you don't like, close it. Or shut down AutoTrading completely, and instantly, any time of day or night.

"So where do I start?"

Pretty cool, ain't it?

Let's get started. First, find a system you like. The best place to do that is to use our System Finder.