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System: DGARCH 2 3 days ago
The DGARCH system capitalizes on the concept of heteroskedasticity which simply means that volatility is not constant. The system uses a combination of software programs to optimize the parameters of the classic GARCH time series model, and then searches for turning points in the moving average ratio of the DGARCH parameter and the level of the VIX index. The system trades the nearest futures contract on the VIX. Testing has been done both in-sample and out-of-sample producing just over a 70% accuracy and a total return of 526% with a maximum loss of $1250. Note that this is not day trading. Holding periods range from one day to two weeks. I am offering a 60-day free trial to the DGARCH system so you can watch how the system trades. If you decide to continue as a subscriber, the monthly fee is $500. After seeing the returns the system produces, I think you will agree the subscription cost is well worth it.
System: Pangolin Z 70 4 days ago
Pangolin Z trades only S&P 500 stocks that, based on advanced statistical analysis, are currently oversold and likely for a short-term move up. Trades typical last 5-7 days.